Wharfedale pro mp1800 схема

wharfedale pro mp1800 схема
Building all of our components in house means that there are less costs to pass on to our customers. All models have 2 channels with global controls to retain the stereo imaging of the programme material. The discreet and stylish appearance of the Programme Series is designed to seamlessly integrate into any architectural environment. 100v or 70v line models are available throughout the range. The SI-X Series includes full range enclosures with woofer sizes ranging from 10” to 15”, a dual 8” woofer model is also available. The new models are powerful, accurate, high quality loudspeakers with low distortion designed to deliver outstanding performance and great value. Frequency response has been optimized to be smooth and natural across the vocal range for high intelligibility in difficult environments, while retaining the neutral and uncoloured sound essential for unobtrusive reproduction of background music.

There are 3 models in the range catering for 1/3 octave and 2/3 octave frequency bandwidths with ISO centre frequencies. Designed to handle the most demanding portable sound applications the SVP-X Series incorporates many design improvements to give you the very best sound quality, portability and value. The 10 degree position provides ideal HF coverage for an audience up to 15m deep.

Super-cardioid polar responses minimise feedback and effectively reject signals not originating from in front of the capsule. Whatever your needs the Q series will assist you in achieving the best possible sound from your live rig or installation. Parallel speakon and jack inputs on a recessed panel allow flexible connection in even the tightest of spaces. A dual-angle pole mount means more HF can be aimed at the audience, where it is needed, and less at the ceiling. Each model has a selection of mic and line level inputs with comprehensive output connectivity. Phantom powered XLR microphone inputs allow you to connect any type of microphone, line level inputs are available with both ¼” jacks and RCA connectors. The very best custom designed and built components are used throughout the Titan™ range.

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